A kind of marketplace

Project Yuser’s pioneering mobile application is a resource for an interconnected organic ecosystem of applications built using artificial intelligence technologies and other chains.

Respecting the privacy of our community’s personal data is a constant priority, which builds the foundation for solving modern cybersecurity problems, developing an advanced privacy solution that meets the requirements of our digital age.

The project team believes that personal data should remain under the control of those to whom they belong. Generating revenue from your content, audience, or data should not be preoccupied, it should be taken for granted and central to a true digital economy.

Since Yuser is a network commander app, we believe it is important to reward famous and loyal users of the app who helped launch the network.

Based on the project roadmap, in the future will be used to reward platforms in the Yuser Network, which will contribute to the positive growth of the network. The financial base is also a complex part of the governance structure in the already acclaimed Polkadot blockchain, which the Yuser Network will adopt. This, in turn, will be used to return rewards to the Yuser Network)) And commissions for operations on the Yuser network will be returned to the treasury

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Chain security units

Its own token, called Yuser Network, and Gem Diamond, are planned with a limited emission. Gem Diamond’s ending supply is one hundred million tokens.

A fragment of the original Gem Diamonds supply will be sold to interested parties in advance in the initial token sale rounds. As an offer, there are transfer lines for up to 2 years with a limited number of gems available for each proposed transfer schedule.

Each interconnected decentralized application on the Yuser network is powered by the supply of Gem Diamonds tokens to reward users and handle transaction fees. These factors depend on how it promotes and assists the participant, their involvement and the general interest of the community with the growth of transactions on the network.

The Yuser Network will issue a single conversion rate for the volume of 10,000 gems, which will initially be approximately $ 3 per Yuser Gem Diamond on the market as of the token issuance date.

By making trustless (trust-based) monetization tools available and removing barriers to user adoption, the Yuser Network is accelerating this new synergy.

To achieve this goal, we partnered with Polkadot and Moonbeam, platforms that focus on interoperability within the ecosystem, so that we can add a developer-centric and user-friendly app layer

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