Communication and communication, the strength of the community is the basis of the foundations in the current economy as a whole, and of course the cryptoindustry. Applications are one of the important layers of interaction in this vein. To achieve the goals of efficient exchange of information and financial flows, the Axelar project was created for communication between chains. The format of a decentralized and transparent network is proposed, which functions at the expense of appropriate validators, proclaiming the so-called “Byzantine consensus”


More and more start-up projects are being introduced into the blockchain system as new trends of businesses with young and promising minds. Many independent blockchain branches have been created that solve a wide variety of tasks. It should be noted that the real useful functions of the newly created environment are offered by a negligible number of ecosystem participants. Often these are simple hodle investors who rely on numerous X’s after the implementation of the project on the network.

The main goals of the Axelar network are to link blockchain systems and interoperate seamlessly between applications. In this regard, broad masses from various segments of the population are allowed to use Internet requests. The new project network contains a number of protocols and APIs, among which are: — Gateway Gateway Protocol (CGP); — Internet Transfer Protocol (CTP). The competitiveness of such a network is emphasized by the ability to easily connect blockchains to all other blockchain ecosystems, including directly from their wallets, and place decentralized applications in any space. The existing interoperability solutions require hard engineering work and the power of new thinking from programmers.

Based on this, the most basic intent for a better life is to create a platform for founders and a community connected globally with integration pivot points, routing and application layer protocols against a backdrop of user voting


In an effort to reduce the burden on parties participating in blockchain chains associated with signing a message, several protocols define the lion’s share of a portion of the signature functionality that can be executed “offline” before the signature message is known. Cross-chain platforms must provide maximum security for their networks and be able to withstand the maximum number of damaged parties. The autonomous phase results in a preliminary signature.

Such a new trend in the crypto world as bridges, the Axelar network is supported by threshold accounts, so that almost all validators must collectively authorize any inter-network request


The development of a network in which each user can participate in the protection of negotiated bridges requires compliance with the following technical requirements: — open membership, — its renewal, — incentives and sharp blows, where the actions of harmful validators must be eliminated by the protocol, — consensus (agreement of the parties), — key management. This project uses the Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPOS) model, where the community chooses a set of validators to reach consensus.

Validators carry out joint activities in three main areas:

1) Limited key generation. A specially performed operation on the Axelar network instructs the validators to start executing this stateful protocol. In this case, the validator saves the state of the protocol in its local memory, calls a secret daemon to generate messages according to the protocol description for other validators, transmits messages via large-scale mailing, and also — each validator performs the functions of transition between states to go to the next stage of the protocol and repeat the steps;

2) Threshold signing. A signature request on the Axelar network is treated the same as a key generation request;

3) Process for handling changes to the validator’s membership. The pool and new trick of validators need to be changed periodically so that new stakeholders can join the set. After updating the set of validators, we need to update the threshold key used in the new set. However, it should be borne in mind that if you allow joining at any time, you will have to update the threshold key quite often. To prevent this from happening, the validators change every level of T-boxes. Within the “T” rounds, the set VR and the threshold key are fixed

Author- Evgeniy Ivanov



Проживаю в Сибири, занимаюсь копирайтингом, инвестициями в криптоиндустрию и ведущими проектами в этой сфере на правах участника AirDrops

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Evgeniy Ivanov Invest

Evgeniy Ivanov Invest

Проживаю в Сибири, занимаюсь копирайтингом, инвестициями в криптоиндустрию и ведущими проектами в этой сфере на правах участника AirDrops